Monday, April 18, 2016

Be prepared!

Obviously I never qualified to be a boy scout, but my father was one and I grew up with this motto running through the back of my head.

It means that I carry tire chains in my car in the winter.
I have back-up water treatment and a warm jacket in my backpack when in the mountains.
When on my way to a meeting that might cause anxiety (or boredom) of any kind, I grab my knitting.
And my carry-on bag always has an extra pair of underwear, a drop spindle, and a good book. You never know when an overnight at the Dallas-Fort Worth airport is in the cards.

Be prepared.

This tendency also means that I like to have my taxes done not hours, not days, but weeks ahead of time. I just feel better having the last year all buttoned up and put to bed.

You might imagine I was less than thrilled to get an email from my accountant at 7:43 this morning, the very day taxes are due, asking for the password to my Quickbooks account. She has been particularly difficult to get ahold of and I have an appointment in an hour (!) to sign the return. I'm afraid I'm zero for two in the accountant category in our new city. I'm tempted to go back to the CPA I had in Santa Fe.

Some people pull stuff off marvelously at the last minute. I'm keeping an open mind... sort of.

After I survive the most anxiety-producing meeting of the year (I would bring knitting but she only scheduled me 15 minutes, so what would be the point?), I'm back to working on my dye samples.

This commission is due in the fall. I am going to be prepared.

As for the accountant, I'm reasonably sure it'll work out. I do suspect without an extension it is a wee bit late to find a new one for the 2015 tax year though. 

UPDATE: For those of you who have expressed concern about my struggles with business accounting, it worked out okay. I'm pretty sure I'm not going to jail and the CPA pulled through at the last minute. The consolation was that she charged me less than half of what the guy did last year and he was not a CPA.

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