Saturday, October 16, 2010

Halcyon Days II

Here is a piece I finished last spring. I realized while searching my blog for a photo of it today that I never put it there or on my website. This piece was in both the Interwoven Traditions shows in Albuquerque and Erfurt, Germany. Actually, it is still in Germany. That show comes down the end of October. This was one of those pieces that I did not immediately like but that grew on me the longer I looked at it. There is a period where I have to put a tapestry away when it comes off the loom. I think I have been too close to it for too long and invariably I am disgruntled with it when it initially emerges. I am not sure if this is because of the inordinate amount of time (usually much longer than I had planned) that it takes for it to be finished, or because the finished piece doesn't look like the tapestry in my minds eye.

So I put it away for awhile. Then eventually I do get it out (for a show or because Teresa has managed to sell all of my tapestries), do the finishing, and hang it up in my living room. Usually at that point I start to see the initial idea-- the inspiration that sparked the piece. And sometimes when I look at it for awhile I see something completely different in the work and I like it even better. I like the adventure of that.

Here she is...
Halcyon Days II; 26 X 40 inches, hand-dyed wool tapestry

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