Thursday, December 30, 2010

Further uses for ironing boards...

When I moved into this rental house there were two extra ironing boards in the storage building.  I have put them to good use!  And I even sometimes use my own for actually putting one of those hot steamy things on my wrinkled clothing in a futile attempt to look more professional when I go to the paying job.

I had a prior post about uses for ironing boards (related to weaving).  Here are a couple more.

Ironing boards have very adjustable heights--good for tall people.  And the padding helps keep things like warping boards and dowels holding wet yarn from slipping.  I imagine there are thousands of other uses for them that I have not yet experienced.  Mostly one just needs the occasional portable work surface.  (Of course the people who know me might just say that I should clean the other surfaces in my studio.)


  1. Aha! I have been wanting an uncluttered space to clamp my skein and ball winders to to wind off some yarn. (My studio might be like yours.) The ironing board would be perfect - one at each end!

  2. See, there is number one of the thousand uses for ironing boards (besides ironing) that I hadn't thought of. Thanks Kathy! :)


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