Monday, December 27, 2010

Opaque transparency and sandhill cranes

Well, I tried the transparency with the actual tapestry and was disappointed in the results.  I was skeptical from the beginning as I think transparencies are best when hung so that light shows through them somehow and hanging one against a dark tapestry was perhaps not the best idea.  I was hoping the design from the Anthem tapestry would show through the open weave in the linen, but the bright colors of the bar design in the tapestry did not show up well.  I didn't end up finishing the transparency because the original tapestry was so much prettier by itself.  I will have to return to the design phase for the white pulpit hanging and perhaps figure out how to bleach wool.  But before that, the red Pentecost hanging sounds more appealing.  And before that I have a commission to weave.  When is Pentecost?  I may not have time to complete that line-up.

Westminster Presbyterian Church, Gallup, N.M.

And on the way to Gallup for Christmas we stopped at the Bosque del Apache NWR to watch the sandhill cranes.  This is something that I love to do.  Their haunting cries and beautiful flight contrasts with their goofy landing gear and social behavior on the ground.

Cranes after evening fly-in


  1. The Sandhill cranes pass through here as they migrate. It is a great day when they pass through! I have caught them passing over a couple of times. I love the racket they make! They do not spend any time here, though, and I've not seen them this year.
    Early in my tapestry days, I did a tapestry of one flying over. It sold to someone from Chicago.

  2. Pentecost in 2011 is very late - June 12. It's usually in May. But Easter is very late in 2011 occuring on April 24.

    Your work in the sanctuary is lovely. Sorry the transparency idea didn't work out.

    The racket that the cranes make always reminds me of New Years Eve party clappers. But they are nowhere near Michigan on New Years Eve. Lucky you!


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