Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Weaving progress... last four days

Sometimes things move along at a very heartening pace...
Here I am after one day beginning a new piece which is 45 inches square.  (There are actually several colors here, you just can't see them in the photo.)

Day 1

Day 2
Note the quick progress here. I decided it would be smart to activate the date stamp on my camera to "prove" how fast I was progressing, though bright and skeptical family members might remind me that it can be easily changed to whatever I want it to be.

Day 3
Then things slowed down a little...
This photo was taken after a 4 mile, 3,000 foot climb.  That be some steep hiking (and we took the wussy trail).

Wheeler Peak from Lobo Peak (New Mexico Sangre de Cristos)

Cassy loves spring snow on a hot belly.
Day 4
And here is today's progress...  I think it was three sequences.

But I did work in the studio all day.  It was just that I had to figure out what I was doing once I finished the border, and it took this to do it.  
Those are various color combinations I was trying out for one aspect of the tapestry.  I just hope they work out once I put them in the actual piece or it is more sampling for me.  I often don't take the time to do a sample of something, but do realize that it really does help figure out what is going to work and what is going to be a colossal mistake.


  1. Wow, can't wait to see how this turns out, Rebecca, I am intrigued by the colors on your sample warp.

    I may have to pick your brain about hiking around Taos... Dennis & I were supposed to spend the last week of June at Janie's retreat, but I am not sure that will be possible now with the fire & evacuation situation. So, Plan B is to come stay in Taos. I will email you when I know for sure.

    By the way... nice hat.

  2. Yep. Had to go get one just like DYs. It is my new backpacking hat! Taos is pretty well melted out and I can definitely give you some good suggestions... and can even show you some trails if you want!


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