Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Intermountain Creations

The non-juried show at Intermountain Weavers Conference is called Intermountain Creations.  This year the instructor's show Intermountain Spirit was intermixed with the Creations show.

I thought there were many wonderful pieces in this show and I shot a few photos of some of them.  There were, of course many pieces I didn't include here, some due to impossible lighting and some because I was focusing on what struck me at the moment.

Evelyn Campbell lives near me and was a student of James Koehler's.  She is something of a hero to me perhaps just due to her her vitality, ability to engage vibrantly with the world, and the hope that I can maintain those things in my own life as I get older.

Kandinsky Slalom
Evelyn Campbell
wool tapestry
Sagrado Familia near Black Mesa
Evelyn Campbell
wool tapestry
Nancy took my Color Gradation for Tapestry class this year and had two delightful tapestries in the show.  I loved the effect of the floating bars in the dark brown parts of this tapestry as well as her use of demi-duites and pick and pick.  (Great piece to study for the class Nancy!)
Chiapas Windows II
Nancy Wohlenberg

This piece was one of my favorites.  I loved her use of a doubled warp so that she could go from 6 to 12 ends per inch in different parts of the tapestry.  She was experimenting with pearl cotton as weft here and it worked extremely well in this small-size tapestry.  She did a great job of color gradation also even using pick and pick to grade some of the background imperceptibly.
Earth and Sky Pot
Nancy Wohlenberg
Cindy also took my class (and was another student of James').  This tapestry was my favorite in this show.  The flatness of the color effects were really attractive as well as the black outlining of the sailboat.  
Cindy Dworzak
Serendipity, detail
Cindy Dworzak
There were many pieces in techniques other than tapestry in this show.  This woven shawl caught my eye.
Night Sea Scarf
Gaylene Garlitz
tencel warp, cotton weft, 16 harness weave
I enjoyed the detail of this mixed media piece.
Mycelial Matrix, detail
Rain Klepper
And I was happy that Emergence IV got to hang out in a show for a few days before heading to Weaving Southwest for the summer sale season.
Emergence IV
Rebecca Mezoff

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