Friday, August 5, 2011

In search of tapestry yarn?

NOTE: As of 2/24/2012 I can no longer recommend purchasing Weaving Southwest tapestry yarn if you intend to make it your long term yarn source.

I sell my work through Weaving Southwest in Taos, which conveniently for me, is only about 40 miles from my house.  I stopped by today after getting my hair whacked (I can say whacked, right?  Or do you have to be Canadian to do that on a blog?) to drop off Emergence IV (you'll have to visit it there--see post with photo HERE).

I walked in the door and saw this:

I gasped a little.  I've never seen those walls empty.  Teresa was having the ultimate fun of hanging a new show arrangement.  I'm sure it'll look lovely.

Some of my students were asking about where to get tapestry yarn.  I dye my own as I have had the same problem, but Weaving Southwest does sell a nice line of tapestry yarn which is all hand-dyed.  They will sell you this color card if you are interested!

It is hard to see that the gradations are bunched together on the card.  But there are 5 colors in each bundle.  Here are the Persian Lilac colors.  It is a two ply 100% wool yarn which comes in 4 ounce skeins (162 yards).

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