Saturday, September 3, 2011

LeClerc Dorothy loom for sale

Since this is my blog, I suppose I can use it to advertise a loom I am trying to sell!  Sorry for all of you who read this blog for more interesting content.  I once sold a Gilmore loom through the blog though, so maybe this will work.

The loom belonged to my grandmother.  See THIS post for the story about her.  Grandma hasn't used this loom for a long time.  In fact at least 15 years ago (maybe longer, the years have gone faster since high school ended), she gave it to either me or my sister (can't remember which!  My memory is kind of like a big room full of post it notes with vital information written on them and sometimes someone turns on an oscillating fan--yes, I stole that metaphor from Ellis Delaney).  We have passed it back and forth since and rarely used it.

It is a fantastic loom for weaving workshops.  You know the ones--you warp the loom up with some specified sort of warp and cart it into some conference center (usually 3 miles from the car and you wished you had brought that dolly that is in your garage) and all wide-eyed and eager, you are ready for your round-robin class... and everyone hates the colors your chose.  Or maybe they don't and you warped the loom beautifully and everyone else wants to weave on it and you never get the chance...  Anyway, it is a great workshop loom.  It doesn't work worth a toot for tapestry though.  Don't say I didn't warn you.

It is a great little loom.  15 3/4 inches weaving width, 8 harness with the ability to add 8 more.  It comes with a 12 and a 10 dent reed and the heddles that are on it (unless I can locate more in the depths of my studio--and believe me, there are depths!).

Side view
LeClerc Dorothy
View from the top.  Yes, one of the little plastic pieces is missing.  It may have been chewed by a dog or swallowed by a child (perhaps me!), or it might have just fallen into the junk heap of time.  It works fine without the plastic piece, though one could probably be fashioned out of sculpey clay if it really bugs you. The red one is missing.  Kids like red.  Maybe that explains all the gut troubles over the years.  Sigh.
Removing one of the castles.  Note the four sets of holes--two more castles could be added to make this a 16 harness loom.
These braces hold the loom rigid and can be lifted if you want to fold it.
Loom with one castle removed and folded. It will not fold unless you remove one castle (it is a physics thing--believe me, it won't)

If you look at this link to the LeClerc website, this loom is the one pictured in the box that says 8 and 12 shaft loom.  You might also note that the price for a new loom like this is $1172.

I'm asking $350 plus shipping to wherever you live.

If you, or someone you love would like to own this loom preferably sometime before October 1st, 2011, let me know!

As an almost complete aside,  I also have another loom for sale.  It is a brand new inkle loom made by Schacht.  I know this is kind of cheating, but I received it as a door prize at a conference a few years ago and I already have an identical loom.  I really really don't need two.  So this one needs a new home.  They are about $75 new.  I'll send this one (in the box it came in no less!) to you for $45 plus shipping (and I'll only charge you exactly what the shipping actually is--I promise.  You can check the label when you get the thing).

Isn't this a nice product shot?  That is the price tag still on it.
I have a real fondness for Schacht.  Maybe it is the sheep in their logo.
You have to make your own heddles.  Sorry, that is how it is with inkle looms.
Those are all the looms I can bear to part with right now.


  1. Looking forward to hearing from you about shipping the Dorothy. I'm sure I'll love using it. Have a great weekend!

  2. Nancy bought the LeClerc. I am so glad it has gone to someone who appreciates it's history. I was a little sorry to see it go, but am glad that I don't have to trip over it anymore! Have fun with it Nancy!


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