Friday, January 18, 2013

American Tapestry Biennial 9

I was able to attend the second opening of the American Tapestry Alliance's biennial show, ATB9 in at the Fort Wayne Museum of Art in Fort Wayne, IN this evening. Unfortunately for the American Tapestry Alliance (ATA) and tapestry lovers everywhere, the museum did not hang the entire show. The American Tapestry Biennial is an international juried show and the show hung here as of today is not the entire thing. Please see my last blog post for more specifics about this. It is now clear that the space miscalculation issue lays with the museum and the ATA board has been working hard to remedy the situation. It appears that the rest of the tapestries will be hung in the coming week. Thanks to the board for their hard work today to find a solution to this problem.

Enjoy the show!  At least virtually...

In My, Maybe Your Neighbourhood--Ulrikka Mokdad
Here is a video that gives you a feeling for the gallery. The direct YouTube link is HERE if you want to see it in a little bit bigger window without it being grainy in full screen.

If you have a slower internet connection, you can find a lower resolution version of the same video by clicking HERE. The link takes you to my YouTube channel (I hope!).

 Crane--Lialia Kuchma; In My, Maybe Your Neighbourhood--Ulrikka Mokdad
Macondo--Alex Friedman; Verdant--Susan Iverson; Daheim (At Home)--Thomas Cronenberg; Blueprint #7--Mary Zicafoose
DisConnect--Linda Wallace; Mates--Cecilia Blomberg; Dialogues Through the Veil--Elizabeth J. Buckley; Macondo--Alex Friedman

After Albers--Carol Chave; DisConnect--Linda Wallace
Tara--Michael F. Rohde; The Witchcraft Series: Alchemists--Anne Jackson; After Albers--Carol Chave
Home Safe Home--Becky Stevens; Return--Gunilla Petersson; Postcard for Angela--Tricia Goldberg; Declaration of Independence--Marzena Ziejka; Tara--Michael F. Rohde; The Witchcraft Series: Alchemists--Anne Jackson
On center wall: Fractured Square Series: Reds, Blacks & Golds, Square--Donna Loraine Contractor; When Fortune Flowers--Lindsey Marshall; Etude 3--Joyce Hayes; Semblance of the Ancient Ones--Tori S. Kleinert; Skyscape--Mary Cost
Seated Woman--Helen Gold; Sunia--Ruth Jones; Little Spinner Girl--Barbara Burns
Here are some photos from the opening this evening. I have to admit that I am not good at openings or other social events. I came here by myself and though I kept hoping to see someone I knew walk around the corner, it didn't happen. The opening was actually a winter party for all the current shows at the museum. I only made it until about 8pm before I bailed. The bright notes were that the music was okay, I got to talk to the executive director of the museum again about tapestry, and I met Marzena Ziejka who wove the gorgeous Declaration of Independence tapestry. I saw no other people I could finger as tapestry artists. You know how I knew Marzena was a weaver? She was trying to see the back of Michael Rohde's Tara piece. I have spent two days trying to make my head flat so I could see the back of the tapestries. It is kind of torture. She did flip up a corner of hers so I could see it.


  1. Thank you for all the wonderful images, and first hand reporting. We are extremely grateful to you for all of this.

    Michael Rohde

  2. Thank you so much for the wonderful photos! I just moved to Colorado from Chicago and keep hoping you'll be giving a workshop nearby soon.

  3. Thanks Rebecca for going to the ATA exhibit. I am glad the other tapestrys (sp?) are going to be displayed. I know Michael Rohde's work. Keep weaving.

  4. Thank you, Rebecca, for sharing these photos!

  5. Mary, Never fear, I will be teaching again in Colorado soon, I am certain. Make sure you add your name to my mailing list (sign up for my newsletter--see top right of blog) and keep checking my website. I am working hard on a new website platform and when that is up the new classes will go up too. I don't have one scheduled in Colorado this year yet, but am looking around a bit, so if you have any ideas in particular, let me know!

  6. Yes, Thank you, Rebecca! And your thoughts on the ATA list group are excellent, too - I so appreciate the vicarious viewing for these shows I usually cannot get to attend!


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