Thursday, June 19, 2014

Warp and weft enters a time warp... Timeline for all classes extended. A lot.

As I have watched the first class move through the material of my three-part online tapestry techniques course, I have learned a few things.
  1. These ladies are really funny. (I am waiting for you men to show up. I know you're out there!) They laugh at my goofiness and they sometimes make me snort into my morning cup of tea as I'm looking at the first set of questions of the day.
  2. You weave where the light is best. And if that means propping the loom against the bathroom mirror under the skylight, so be it! I have photographic proof.
  3. If you're from Australia, you can buy a Mirrix loom without paying international shipping (Sydney!) or apparently even riding a kangaroo across the desert. (Admittedly my knowledge of Australia is slim, but I suspect they don't ever ride kangaroos).
  4. Color is spelled with an extra vowel in Canada, but they'll forgive you for being from the US and spelling it wrong... usually.
  5. There are some really creative people out there who can take a very simple exercise and make it into a beautiful tapestry example (I suspect these people have way more tapestry weaving experience then they are admitting to. See Betsy's demi-duite sampler below and you'll understand what I mean.)
  6. Three months is not enough time for a sane person with a job or a dependent or a need to leave the house to get groceries to really experience the material I present in the three parts of this class.
Points one to five are educational, but #6 I can do something about. I have extended the time frame for this course to a full 6 months from the start of Part 1. This gives everyone time to do more practice projects and have access to all the material for review while weaving their first real tapestries. And who wouldn't want to practice tapestry, right? Especially when you have the added advantage of more time to see me do dumb stuff and rotate my Eddie Bauer outlet-inspired video wardrobe.

Betsy Szymanski, demi-duite queen

Registration announcements:
  • All-in-one and Self-directed classes start June 23rd! Get in on these because they won't be offered again for awhile. Access to this material goes until December 31st.
  • Part 2 registration starting July 8th is now open.
  • Part 3 registration starting June 23rd is also open.
For more information about the classes with all the dates listed, see my website at You can register from there or you can go directly to the class site to register:


  1. I said it before and I'll say it again, Rebecca, this is an exceedingly generous thing to do and I greatly appreciate it.

    1. I am glad it helps! Anything to help the learning process work better. Plus you all are just too much fun.

  2. Totally agree with Michele!

  3. Holy Cow Betsy! That is beautiful!

  4. Trish at Tangled ThreadsJune 20, 2014 at 8:42 AM

    Don't want to lose the momentum of the tea snorting.

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