Saturday, July 19, 2014

Convergence looms, yarn, and friendly faces...

I had one day off of teaching while here at Convergence and I spent it well. I chatted with everyone under the sun, met up with some old friends, and made a whole bunch of new ones.
I had a little time to visit the Rhode Island School of Design's art museum.
I visited the people in the vendor hall I knew and made some new friends along the way...

Harrisville Designs: They make my yarn (well, I dye it, but they send me big boxes of white fairly often) and they also made my loom. I'm pretty fond of them. Plus Nick has a very sweet golden retriever and anyone who loves a dog that much has got to be a great person.
Pro Chemical and Dye: I love dyeing my yarn and was really happy to find that ProChem has a dye technician who I can call and she can answer my technical questions about using different dyes together. I can't wait to go home and experiment.
Fiber Art Now: I finally got to meet Marcia Young! It was great to talk about this fantastic fiber magazine and hear more about their plans for upcoming issues. And since my article is in the current issue, it was fun to see it spread out all across the booth. Marcia looked great, but I'm looking a little ragged in this photo.
What do you think, are these my people? Claudia and Elena are the owners of Mirrix Looms which, as you all know, is one great piece of weaving machinery.
I think Joni (our intrepid photo bomber) is definitely my people... And I'd hang out with Claudia and Elena any time. They have such good ideas! (Also, next time I take a photo standing next to Claudia Chase, she is going to have to stand on a box or something. She isn't very tall... but she is brilliant.)
Providence has been great so far. I've had some really great food, enjoyed meeting some wonderful people, made some great new friends, and am looking forward to my last day in town tomorrow as I teach my last class and have some time in the ATA meeting.


  1. Thanks for taking us along this way. I have enjoyed and appreciated it!

  2. Trish at Tangled ThreadsJuly 19, 2014 at 10:50 PM

    It sounds like great fun and useful to boot! I really like the blend of architecture in the last photo - old and new. And peaceful by the water.

  3. Could you tell me what size the Mirrix loom is in the photo of Claudia and Elena?......thanks......

    1. Peggy, I am pretty sure that is the 8 inch loom. It isn't big enough to be the 12 inch Little Guy.

  4. Thanks......I have a larger one but want a tiny one to travel with.........


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