Thursday, August 14, 2014

Wherein Rebecca gets an article published in Fiber Art Now... and goes a little nuts with the yarn.

If you are not a Fiber Art Now subscriber, I highly recommend becoming one! And you'll want to get a copy of the current issue because it has an article by yours truly.

Remember this video?
This is what a week of intense dyeing does to you:
You mistake wool for a cool dip in a puppy pool.
That is my article:
It is called American Tapestry Biennial 10: The Humble Value of Concentration. The subtitle is not mine. The editor added it. It is a great title, but the credit belongs to Dr. Jessica Hemmings who wrote the essay by that name for the show. You can read Dr. Hemmings wonderful essay in the ATB10 catalog which you can get from the American Tapestry Alliance. (Highly recommended because guess what? The catalog is also full of amazing photos of, well, tapestries!)

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