Sunday, December 14, 2014

My holiday gift to you is this short video expressing my joy in tapestry

Happy holidays. We say it over and over. This year I wanted to make something that expressed my love of making things. So I made this little video for you. Enjoy it!
Peace and joy,

Hint: Some of you get these Blogger posts in an emailed format. Videos don't work in email so you have to go to the internet and look at my blog there. The link is:


  1. Thank you Rebecca. I just loved this video. I have saved it so I can watch it anytime I want. May you have a joy filled holiday season and a happy, healthy New Year.

  2. What a lovely video! Happy holidays to you too! ;)

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  4. Rebecca... (You are So Good...)
    Thank you. I love this video.
    I wish for you, and Emily, a long healthy lifetime full of joy, friendships, love, and "making things".


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