Monday, February 9, 2015

Why I can't quit Facebook (and believe me, I've tried)

We used to go to libraries, take classes, read periodicals... Now we scroll through the Facebook feed clicking on pretty pictures. Baby elephants playing in wading pools and the like. Okay, I do that. I scroll through MY Facebook feed clicking on baby elephants. I admit it right now. Life is breathtakingly short and I do spend a bit of time here and there sinking into meaningless streams of platitudes, sunsets, and photos of everyone I've ever known's dinner (not the location, the actual food--why do people take pictures of food?).

But here is why I stay. Many, probably most, of my Facebook friends are tapestry weavers or other artists. They post things that are interesting to them which often are about tapestry and thus interesting to me. I have enjoyed the recent flurry of postings of artwork, rather like a chain letter with people nominating others to post photos of their work and the whole thing getting exponentially bigger. I've had to watch far fewer baby goat videos since I can scroll this artwork. I have found websites and new blogs this way. I have met (virtually) tapestry artists I hadn't known of before.
Here are a few things I learned just this week:

Woolful. Ashley Yousling has recently started doing a weekly podcast about wool and other fiber things. So far I have only listened to the latest episode, but I think her blog and conversations are worth keeping an eye on.

Absolute Tapestry. This is a website of Norwegian tapestry artists over the last 100 years. Each artist has work posted with photos and some text and there are some other articles, news, and history. Look for the "English" button at the top right for translation... unless you speak Norwegian that is.

Operation Common Good. My cousin's child made this video with the help of her class and father to raise money for homeless kids in Detroit. I think it is amazingly creative. Did you get that thing in the beginning where she "froze" the motion of a classroom of forty-five 6th graders with her super powers? Go Ella!

American Tapestry Alliance. I did already know about them of course. But their annual Valentine's Day appeal starts Feb 14th and I am happy to help with it. (You could win one of my classes! But you could also win a tapestry by one of 4 amazing artists--I'm hoping for that.)

Dyed in the Wool. Uh huh. People are sending me links of where to get combed top and fleece. I am in deep danger of needing more storage space spinning time. Dyed in the Wool has a brilliant product where they sell little amounts of different fleeces with information cards and enough fiber to process some and test it out. What a good way to get to know different sheep breeds.

Stonehaven Farm. And then my Mom sent me this link because the sheep farmer is a of her friend. I ended up watching the videos of the farm processes on their website. Engrossing... and makes me think about where my wool comes from for sure! (And also that I don't think I want to be feeding animals in several feet of snow. Good to know.)

As you know, it goes on and on. You start by innocently clicking on a picture of a tapestry loom and before you know it three hours have passed looking at the work of Norwegian tapestry artists.

And of course there are the moments that lead you to all the super bowl commercials in one place, the dogs who have stolen their owners sandwich and blamed it on the cat, or when you learn about an Australian named Tim Minchin. I stumbled across a commencement address he was giving and unwittingly pushed the play button. I ended up watching all 11 minutes which is FOREVER in Facebook time. Of course more research was needed. Matilda? A nine-and-a-half minute beat poem about a dinner party? (I watched that one three times.) Tim Minchin is my new Tina Fey. Sorry Tina.

And that is why I can't quit Facebook. Seriously. Woody Allen Jesus. It sure sticks in your head.

... and of course the tapestry (and sheep)

These are Navajo-churro I met at Ghost Ranch, New Mexico
And lest you think I've been spending all my days surfing the net, the new tapestry is coming along famously as is the new online class... [coming soon to a computer near you]
I know it looks like a mess, but I weave from the back on a low-warp loom. It ensures the unveiling is a mystery even to me.


  1. Feb. 10.2015 11am EST Thank you , Rebecca, for enabling me with an excuse of "research" to take a break from warping my Fireside for a new tapestry....I particularly love this new site (to me) of Woolful from Ashley Yousling...beautiful photos and very inspirational when you weave in solitude....computers link us so effectively....from Janet on the icy East Coast

  2. Thank you for mentioning Dyed in the Wool on your blog!! Our Fiber Binder Club has educated lots of people all over the world and we are rather proud of it.

  3. Rebecca, I want you to know that I decided to read your blog post INSTEAD of scrolling through FB one more time tonight. Good decision-- thanks!


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