Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Free webinar Thursday, September 3rd!

UPDATE: Link to the webinar is here:

I have been invited by Mirrix Looms to participate as a guest in a webinar about tapestry weaving tomorrow evening.

Thursday, September 3rd, 7:30 pm EST

The link to sign up and gain access to this free event is here:

Claudia Chase and Elena Zuyok will be spearheading the discussion and they've invited me to chat with Claudia about tapestry weaving.

We'll talk about some of these things:

  • what tapestry weaving is
  • how Claudia and I learned tapestry and a bit about our personal styles
  • some discussion of tapestry weavers who work in non-traditional ways
  • is tapestry weaving relevant in our fast-paced world today?
  • tips for fixing those messy selvedges and warp spacing issues
  • resources for learning about tapestry
  • where to start with sett and materials
  • looms that are good for tapestry
  • Mirrix looms
  • my online tapestry courses
And we'll answer some questions from you!

Here is some more information from the Mirrix blog:

If you need some help converting the time to yours, here is a time zone converter:

My collection of tapestry looms, warped for student use at a workshop. Tapestry by Cornelia Theimer Gardella.


  1. I am interested in your development as an artist using the medium of tapestry and some aesthetic evolution you may have had during your career.

    1. This is a great subject Janet. I don't think this webinar is going to go into that too deeply though they may touch on it. A webinar I did with Fiber Art Now in the spring goes into more depth about all of that. It is in the blog post from Monday, April 13th, 2015.

    2. I do not seem to be able to hook up to your webinar and part of that is my inexperience. The time change indicated that is to begin in my area (Central Illinois) at 5:30.

    3. Janet, the webinar starts in about 35 minutes. 7:30 EST is 6:30 Central time which is probably what time zone you're on. Are you on Mountain Time? There is a link in this blog post where you can figure out what time it starts for you. But if you get this soon, it starts in 35 minutes.

    4. It is 6:38 here and when I click on the access link above I only see my registration. If you send me a copy via email or FB (better email) I would appreciate it. Thanks for your help.

    5. Hi Janet, the video is linked in the blog post now. I was just a guest in this webinar and I apologize that you had trouble. I had no control over it. Rebecca

  2. Great Webinar. Loved hearing your cheerful voice again, Rebecca.


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