Sunday, September 27, 2015

Randomly on a Sunday...

I spent the evening drinking tea while sitting in my front yard slumped low in a lawn chair so the car would block the street light. Why? Supermoon eclipse. It was lovely.

If you live on the front range of Colorado, you can hardly have missed the fact that this year is the 100th anniversary of Rocky Mountain National Park. Last weekend I went against the very strict rule I have not to visit RMNP on a weekend between May and October... I was right. It was packed. But we did find a trail with few users and saw a nice herd of elk to boost. The Hokett loom came along for a little weaving fun.
Weaving in the "shadow" of Long's Peak, Rocky Mountain National Park
I received this lovely yarn from Weaving Southwest in Arroyo Seco, NM this week. I wanted to try their new tapestry singles. I was shocked at how beautiful it is. Some of you are going to jump right on this yarn. They make it in beautiful gradations, all hand-dyed. I can't wait to try this out. I really can't imagine switching the yarn I use at this point, but I do like playing with other options... just playing the field a little (plug your ears Harrisville).

I bought it because I've been working on these Tapestry Yarn Cards for the new online class (Color Gradation Techniques for Tapestry which will be open for registration October 5th). Nothing like spending a day hooking yarn onto cards! A big thanks to my friend Ute for helping me.
Just to be clear, the cards don't come with the class. They can be ordered.
And I'm wrapping up the last few videos for Color Gradation Techniques for Tapestry. I think it is going to be great if I do say so myself.
Teal gradation from the back--part of the Vertical Gradation module
The class goes up October 5th, fortuitously (for me) the day that Spinzilla starts. I had the good fortune of joining Team Shuttles. (They're hoping this newbie will pick up speed and make some yardage I'm sure.) I am sure this is only a small portion of the fiber we will spin that week. My only real goal is to become a better spinner, though I'd like to pass the mile mark.
Spinzilla's Team Shuttles
And lastly, I am afraid fall is here...
... and there is little time left for this.
It is always hard for me to see the end of hiking season. And by "hiking" I really mean backpacking. I'm just not a winter camper. Nope, it is day hikes and snowshoes from here until the snow melts most likely... though I'll keep my fingers crossed for a really warm spot in October which might allow me one more fling in the mountains. 

Though maybe, just maybe I could become a winter camper... I just need some new gear, right? And perhaps a snow course. And an avalanche beacon. I think I just talked myself out of it.


  1. Hello Rebecca,
    Wonderful blog!
    shhhhhh, don't tell very good friend, Judy in the lower left in the Spinnzilla's Team Shuttles is an absolutely incredibly talented tapestry weaver and designer. We use to spend lots of friendship/art time together when she was a member of Desert Fiber Arts.
    perigee - syzygy (harvest moon eclipse) was an amazing site, your photo says it all!
    patti kirch

  2. I'm excited that Weaving Southwest is carrying a finer singles again! What's that yellow you have in the photo here? Is it their marigold?

    1. Hi Katie! I'm not actually sure what color this is. Teresa just sent me three colors. I haven't tried weaving with it yet, but it sure looks pretty!

  3. Have you ever tried cross country skiing? It's pretty awesome... I'm not sure if I'd want to backpack that way, but day hikes would be fun..and you stay warm from skiing!

    Have you read the book or seen the movie "Wild" by/about Cheryl Strayed & her hike through the Pacific Crest Trail with a backpack? I found it very inspring!

    Also, how fine are the Weaving Southwest singles? Are they finer than sport weight?

    1. Ah yes. I used to cross country ski. I'm pretty bad at it--though I'm sure practice would improve my skills. I have snowshoes and will be using them this winter. Living on the front range of Colorado, there is no way I can stay away from the mountains all winter.

      I read Wild before it was a movie (I read almost everything I can find about the PCT) and then saw the movie. I enjoyed it a great deal.

      I'm not good with knitting weights of yarn. The Weaving Southwest singles are quite fat. I think two of them would weave (in tapestry) at 8 epi though I haven't tested it yet. So I think they are probably not finer than sport weight--perhaps even fatter.


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