Tuesday, October 13, 2015


I am not good at it. Rest that is.
I have struggled for the last week with the need to give myself a break. But it isn't easy. Why is that? Resting should be the thing we're best at.

I finished the Color Gradation Techniques for Tapestry online course and it opened October 5th. It took me about a year to make it and I can't set it aside now.

Since pushing the button that made the course live to The World, this is what my brain has been doing:
"You wanted to change that part of that video." 
"That technique would be better explained by ordering it this way." 
"Really? The orange shirt for that video?"
"You spent too much time making those yarn cards. Who wants yarn cards?"
"You did an awesome job! ... do you think people will still want to take this class online even though you teach it in workshops all the time?"  [Heck yeah!]

My brain won't stop.
So I did some spinning last week for Spinzilla. I made some lovely yarn that I am going to knit into something wearable. Today I rode my bike to yoga class. It was 80 degrees and the yellow leaves vibrated against the blue sky in that wonderful it-is-fall-in-the-Rockies way. The leaves fell in my lap as I rode home and I felt the tightness inside loosening just a little bit.

And now I'm looking for some organization. I am not a tidy person. I think more tidiness would serve me well. I like to have things where I can see them. It helps my creative process to have ALL the yarn I'm using for a large tapestry where I can see it. But this is also true with all my other projects from business accounting to color theory research to designing new work. And since my space is small, pretty soon I have to face the facts. I have to clean up.

So the rest of this week I am organizing. And when I'm not doing that, I will be weaving.
Oh the bliss of returning to the loom after far too much time at the computer.

Here is some of the the merino yarn I spun last week.

The good news today is that two of my tapestries were accepted into the juried 2015 Handweavers Guild of Boulder showcase. You can see them November 4-8 at the Boulder County Fairgrounds. (Which is actually in Longmont!) These pieces are two of my favorites and they are both for sale. So if you need a lovely tapestry for your home, this is your chance.


  1. Rebecca-I am a shoot-from-the-hip kind of person. I am aware you don't know me, but trust me when I say "I tell it like it is". I love the workshop "Color Gradation". It is the boost I need to get going. I may have forgotten some things from 20 years ago, but I will slap my forehead and say "Duh!" several times as I watch the video. I don't even notice what you are wearing. I am leaning into the computer, absorbing the bits and things I need, and I am concentrating on everything. You did a beyond amazing job on the presentation and the examples and well-EVERYTHING! So lighten up on yourself. Go weave on your gorgeous whatever you are weaving, go for another bike ride, go for a hike this weekend. You did a wonderful job. Thanks for doing this. This is the class I needed.

  2. Ah . . . that photo of the Mirrix gadget that changed your shed . . . I kept trying to analyze the video in the Color class to see what I was missing . . . and there it is.

    The class is terrific and continues to inspire my novice self.

    I am a big fan of order . . . it helps to clean it up once in a while!!

    Thanks for everything.

  3. I loved your loom, very beautiful!!!
    A curiosity where he bought, made,
    got ?


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