Thursday, October 8, 2015

The fleecy possibilities

If you read my blog, you could hardly have missed my recent spinning addiction. To be honest, spinning represents fantastic possibilities for color use in tapestry. But more than that, I have learned about yarn. Spinners know about yarn. They make it. They understand sheep and staple length and crimp and grist. I am fascinated. And what makes it even better is the great possibilities spinning holds for making tapestry yarn. Yep. Making the exact yarn I want is my goal. It may take me decades to get there though.

In the pursuit of this goal, I joined a Spinzilla team. If you haven't heard of Spinzilla, it is a contest of sorts where teams compete for the most yards spun in one week. I am on Team Shuttles, the team from Shuttles, Spindles, and Skeins in Boulder, CO. There are some great spinners on this team and I gave up even thinking I could keep up with them at about hour 12.

This is what I thought I might spin this week...

And this is what I have spun so far...
I'm partway through the second 4 ounces of that gray on the left and I hope to finish it tonight. It is Thursday. Spinzilla ends Sunday at midnight.

I now know I am not going to be able to spin my way through that stash. Fortunately it means I'll have plenty to spin the rest of the year... when I'm not weaving.
Because it is time to get back to the loom.

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