Thursday, June 16, 2016

Finding my website

UPDATE June 2016: All is well. The domain was finally transferred and you should be able to find my website at its regular URL. 

As some of you know, I have been struggling with my domain registrar for months now and have been unable to resolve the issues or move my domain to another host. I realized tonight that my website address is not working. The website is there, but my usual domain ( is no longer active for a reason that is still unknown to me. Until I can get this sorted out, please access my website with this alternate domain.

This particular challenge reminds me how an entire business can hinge on one little thing.
The domain. It is not only the link to my website which is my calling card in the world, but it is on all printed material I put out, on my YouTube videos, and most of all, it is what the search engines have linked to for years.

Cross your fingers that I can get my domain back soon.

In the meantime, the domain linked above will always work for my website.

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