Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Vermont-- here I come!

I've been planning this retreat for about a year and a half. Tomorrow I am on my way. There is still a large quantity of yarn to be shoved into suitcases and some sorting of materials to do. The most important thing is the thoughtful placement of clothing for Thursday so that I don't have to lug three massive suitcases into the hotel to search among the yarn for my clean underwear. (Don't worry, I don't keep the dirty underwear there.) 
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Unfortunately my domain is still being held hostage by my registrar so I can't offer you email sign-up on the new website. But I've posted about my trip tomorrow as well as some about my latest weaving adventures. You can find my blog now on my website HERE. I do hope in the next month I'll be able to free my domain and I sincerely hope it doesn't require Indiana Jones heroics... or a trip to Australia to bludgeon anyone at Lycos or Melbourne IT.

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