Monday, March 4, 2013

James Koehler, 2 years gone

It has been two years now since I got a phone call on my way to Chaco Canyon that James Koehler had passed away. It seems like a lifetime ago, and like yesterday.

Harmonic Oscillation HOLXIII, James Koehler

I have been thinking about James and my time studying with him over the last few days. I learned many things from James, both positive and negative. I am sorry he is gone as there are still questions I would ask him. Here is the original post from shortly after his death:

The art of tapestry needed people like James.
Stay safe.
Take care of yourselves.
Keep weaving.

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  1. I know, I miss him too. And you're right - two years is both a lifetime and a moment. I know he would be do proud of all your work - teaching, weaving, dyeing, writing, and advocating for tapestry. Thanks for acknowledging this day.


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