Thursday, March 7, 2013

Mary Cost and Architectural Abstractions

I was able to swing by Mary Cost's new show at Downtown Subscription in Santa Fe, NM on the first day of its run, Tuesday the 5th.
I was sitting at a table, drinking an Izze soda (I had already had a chai tea latte that day at another coffee shop and couldn't go for a second round), and was delighted to watch a woman enthralled by the tapestries. She was holding her coffee (and frankly I was afraid she was going to spill it all over her shoes as she wasn't paying any attention to it), stumbling along between the tables and people looking up at the tapestries. People do find tapestry fascinating if we can just show it to them!
Morning, 55 x 33 inchesNote: This tapestry was hanging high on the wall thus the photograph makes it look narrower at the top. It is actually rectangular.
Mary also used to study with James Koehler. Her work has changed and grown significantly over just the last couple years. I think these recent architectural works are stunning and I hope she considers weaving something really large one of these days. I think it would be gorgeous.
Spring at last, 48.5 x 28.75 inches; Morning, 55 x 33 inches; Inside Looking Out, 38 x 27 inches
So Mary Cost is out there in Santa Fe making sure people see her tapestries. Lets go see them! Her work is beautiful and though the walls are not well-lit, the coffee shop is bright and you can see the work (if you can get by the people--the place was packed by the time I left!). She is represented by La Mesa of Santa Fe.
Mary recently had a piece in the international juried show of the American Tapestry Alliance, American Tapestry Biennial 9. I was able to see it at the Fort Wayne Museum of Art and you can see my blog post and photos about her work HERE and in the video on THIS post.

Look for this postcard on the newspaper rack right as you come in the door. It has all the info on it.

Mary Cost
Architectural Abstractions
March 5 to March 31
Downtown Subscription
376 Garcia Street
Santa Fe, New Mexico

Reception: Friday March 8, 4-6pm


  1. Are the tapestries in frames or are they surrounded by black tapestry? I love the consistency of them. Beautiful work.

  2. The tapestries have woven black borders. They are hanging free from slats.

  3. Beautiful! Wish I could take a little trip. My question also. The black really makes for a unifying hanging. When you say slats--boards with Velcro? Top and bottom?

  4. Sherri, Yes, I think Mary uses boards with velcro. I used the word slat because her boards are thinner than the 1 inch ones I use, but they are thin boards with (I think) velcro attached. If I'm wrong, I'll let you know! I'll ask Mary when I see her again.

  5. The tapestries look great in this environment! I have been considering a coffee shop exhibit again. All that loose fluid makes me a bit nervous, but this looks so tapestry-friendly, I think I will contact my favorite coffee shop and take the risk! Why not? The woven folk have been begging to be let out from their secure storage space!


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