Thursday, May 23, 2013

How much fun can a girl have in a day?

So really. How much fun is one woman allowed to have in a day? I turned a bunch of little skeins of singles yarn into some great colors. Dyeing all those colors in just two pots is such fun. I know it. I'm a geek.

And this is the kind of thing Emily has to put up with all the time. Skeins of yarn all over the house... not to mention the eviction of her car from the garage when the dyeing enters its manic phase.  I feel such a phase coming on actually. My apologies to the Camry.

The good news is that I have more Ball jar dyeing to do this weekend in preparation for the next big piece. Before committing hundreds of dollars of yarn to the dye pots, I'm doing the knitting equivalent of swatching. It seems a good idea. Plus the little skeins are so darn cute.


  1. Gorgeous eye candy! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Great, I have done this kind of dyeing in a class years ago. Thanks for sharing. What kind of dye was I supposed to know that you use? Helen

    1. Hi Helen! I use acid wool dyes (Lanaset or Sabraset). I get most of them from ProChem. They are easy to use... and lots of fun of course.

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  4. I deleted my question as I was able to find the answer in another part of your website. I love your posts and especially love your work. I dye in small amounts and find that it is a magical moment when the yarn emerges from the bath! Have fun.


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