Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Trying out the Facebook Page: Rebecca Mezoff Tapestry Studio

I'm testing out the use of a Facebook page (as opposed to a personal page).

Notice there are only 11 likes on there so far...
(And for my Mom, I'm definitely not saying you should get on Facebook! You can like me in other ways. Blueberry muffins?)


  1. I hope you don't give up your blog! I don't do Facebook (but that's just me...and about two others on the planet).

    1. Hi Mary! I like writing this blog and am unlikely to stop. Also, in general Facebook is a fairly large time-sucker and for most of us we should use it a lot less. My Mom is one of the others on the planet who doesn't use it (though she threatens to give it a try sometimes). And you can feel comforted that all the people in the world (billions) who don't own computers probably don't have Facebook accounts either. :)

  2. Trish at Tangled ThreadsMay 7, 2013 at 8:35 AM

    Trish here. Another non-Facebook user. Way too concerned about privacy. Love the blog, though.

  3. 'Liked'! I think Facebook can be very useful - I use it for my cross stitch business, as well as my radio shows. You can get a 'like' link to put on your blog - check the help pages!


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