Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Years Blessings (or surviving Trader Joes on New Year's Eve)

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday. I survived a run to the Santa Fe Trader Joes at 10:45 this morning. (You have no idea. People. Every. Square. Inch.) Rest assured, I got the walnuts and the green beans though I had to dodge an old lady wearing a dead animal, 52 shopping baskets whose owners were perusing the cheese, and 17 exceptionally helpful TJs employees, some of whom already needed a shower.

Today is my last studio day before some time with the family in Colorado. A baby that has not arrived yet will be here very soon. Thursday in fact. We call it "Baby Day". It is a pretty good way to start a new year I'd say... with a new niece or nephew. (No, my sister and brother-in-law do not know whether it is a boy or a girl and no amount of "but how will I choose the knitting colors" could change their minds. This kid is getting a whole bunch of blue, green, orange, and purple handknits. Really the only color I feel I have to steer clear of is pink. So I guess it is okay not knowing yet.)

My dreams for 2014 include more tapestries than I could possibly weave, many conversations with friends and colleagues online and in the real world, a lot of teaching, hiking some long trails, hanging with the little people in my life, and unknown new horizons. Thanks so much for following along with me on my fantastic ride!

In celebration of that kicky little kid my sister is going to birth soon and with big wishes for your own tapestry weaving practice, I wish you many blessings for the new year.


  1. Happy New Year to you, too! Re: baby colors... let me just say that when my youngest was around 4, he wore pink high tops and he still looked like a boy!

    That said, rainbow colors are cool...

  2. That said, I didn't know that my oldest twin son was a boy because his brother was hiding his boy parts and my younger two were early and I didn't know till birth..


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