Monday, December 23, 2013

The blessings of children

Progress in the studio has gotten a bit derailed the last week. You see, there is a family baby on the way. This baby does not live in the same town as I do. In fact, it lives in the very coldest place in the nation and when your nose hairs are frozen and you can't breathe, you'd insist the coldest place in the world. Just watch your weather map for the next 6 weeks or so. If Alamosa, Colorado doesn't come up as the coldest place anywhere (or at least in the continental USA) at least a few times in that period, I'll eat my hat. Last winter I lived here. I was so looking forward to Christmas in Santa Fe where the weather is significantly warmer. Even if it is cold enough to be snowing, it can be 50 degrees warmer than Alamosa. But there is a baby who wants to be born sometime soon and so I am back here in my woolies waiting.
It isn't a bad time to be waiting for a miracle. I know of course that December 25th wasn't really Jesus's birthday, but that is when many people celebrate his birth. And Christmas is a magical time anyway. Hopefully it is a good time to be born.

For myself, I never wanted kids. I know that many many people don't understand this. I still get asked (even though I'm past 40 now) when I am having kids... and then inevitably the asker tells me that it is "not too late" and their cousin-neice-friend-sister had a baby when she was 53 and I could still be a mother. I just don't want to. I think the world should be grateful for that.

Fortunately I am blessed with many children in other ways. I have the cutest niece you've ever seen. And I moonlight as an occupational therapist working with kids a few days a week. Kids have a way of pointing out the things adults tend to miss. And the joy they spread if given the chance is infectious.
The new baby could come today. Or in two weeks. We don't know. That is part of the miracle I suppose! Celebrate your blessings. I know today that I am deeply blessed.

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