Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Thread's Course in Tapestry

I recently purchased Mette Lise Rossing's new book, The Thread's Course in Tapestry. It is a wonderful reference book and I definitely recommend it. Here is a video blog segment about the book.

The link in the video for the book if you didn't go to YouTube is:

This video has a transcript, so if you go to YouTube to watch it (hit the YouTube button in the player when it comes up) and then hit CC on the bottom panel of the video, you'll see closed captioning start.


  1. Rebecca,
    Thanks so much for the review of the book... off to her website to buy it now!

  2. Thanks for posting this video and ESPECIALLLLLLY thanks for the closed captions! :)

    1. You are welcome Jessica! I did them for you and will try to do them for every video from now on. When I get a little time I'll go back and do the old ones. They are helpful for many people I think as I talk quickly and not always clearly.

  3. I'm a little slow getting to this, but just ordered the book. Thank you for your video on it. That really helped. See you in your online tapestry class real soon. Michele


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