Thursday, June 26, 2014

Zombie weaver

Some days it is all one can do to get out of bed. Eventually the fog clears and events start clicking again. Some days when there are tables full of yarn to dye and handouts and lectures to prepare, going back to bed seems particularly attractive...

I have felt especially sluggish today. So uncharacteristically sluggish that when I was forced to leave the house to get a propane tank filled for the yarn dyeing, I stopped by the studio and brought home the stack of books I need to finish my handouts for the Convergence classes. So uncharacteristically sluggish that I threw them all on the couch and myself right after. And then I was very hungry. And I warmed up some pizza left over from yesterday. And just as I was eating the last crust it hit me. The guy who took my order at the pizza place didn't give me a gluten free pizza. I thought it was weird that he asked me what size I wanted (GF pizzas pretty much only ever come in one size). I said at least three times, gluten free. But I couldn't really understand him and my Spanish isn't good enough to try it that way and I just went with it. This is why I am unreasonably, uncharacteristically, crazy I-want-to-go-back-to-bed-for-a-week tired. When you have celiac disease and you get served something with a lot of gluten in it and you haven't been eating any gluten for years and years, this is what happens. And I thought it was just because I've been working 7 days a week!

The good thing that happened which I can enjoy from my station on the couch is this!

I got a package. From the most awesome cousins in the world. It was full of artwork. Remember Bill from THIS blog post? He and his sister and his mother sent me a package of art they made themselves. My cousin is a talented artist and illustrator as well as an art teacher in the public schools in inner city Detroit (now THAT is saying something). She is one amazing woman. Her students make amazing art. And they win awards. And she gets them participating and wanting to achieve things.

This piece is getting a prized place in my studio.

Molly McNeece, Cousin Trapped, 8 x 10 inches

Awesome, right? She is illustrating some books her husband writes for teens and zombies are the current theme. I think she nailed how I feel right about now! And one day I hope I can be just as much of a bad-ass as Molly McNeece... but it might take me a week or so to recover from the gluten.

(Note to self: learn to say "I need gluten free food" in Spanish and as many other languages as possible. Maybe I should learn, "if I don't get gluten free food I will have a seizure and potentially die right here in front of you and won't that make you feel bad? Gluten free please. It is really important. It isn't a fad. I have a disease. I can show you the intestinal biopsy. I'm not just trying the latest diet. Really." There is no chance I'd actually die on the spot from eating gluten... but it doesn't hurt to put the fear of god into someone fixing your food. I didn't used to be this way. And then I got tired of being sick because the server thought my diet was a fad and it didn't matter if the bread came on top of the salad. Whew. Is that a soapbox or what?)


  1. OH NO! I can't believe they didn't listen to you. You must let the management know what happened. They should educate their workers about gluten. Get the rest you need and get better real soon. Love you.

  2. Oh Rebecca, I'm right there with you. As a fellow weaver, I recently found your blog but also have celiac. After being diagnosed 3+ years ago, the biggest downside has been eating out. I used to love eating in restaurants and trying the yummy sounding dishes the chefs prepared, but no more. Eating out used to be an enjoyable activity I loved to do, now it's just stressful. I am finding more and more restaurants in the Puget Sound area are offering GF menus, which is nice, but it's not the same. Hope you're feeling better soon.

  3. Argh - google just at my comment. sigh. So, what I said before (it was a bit more wordy, so perhaps the google eating the comment was just as well!):

    Check out this site -

    I'm not associate with them, but a fellow knitter drew my attention to them, and I like the idea. It covers for the possibility that I totally mess up the pronunciation! I had the idea that I'd make some on my own, with my handy little laminator and business card program, but honestly, I'd rather spend the time spinning/knitting/weaving.

    Meanwhile, I hope you're feeling up to speed and less like a zombie by now!!

    1. These are awesome! I used to have some huge ones that were laminated, but I never could carry something that big around with me when traveling and have since lost them. These are much more user-friendly. Thanks!


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