Thursday, October 11, 2012

A new small format piece

Here is my newest little tapestry still on the loom, but finally finished... (well, the weaving part is finished. It still has to have the ends finished, be vacuumed and steamed, hems sewed, mounting device figured out and attached, frame finished, photographed...)

I suppose this is annoying, but that is the back and I don't want to show you the front quite yet. It will be entered in a few shows and we'll see if she gets to travel! Small format work is not my strong-suit, but I had a lot of fun with this little piece. I am currently experimenting with some new ways of mounting small tapestries and I'll let you know how it all turns out in the next few weeks. 

I just came across a quote I scribbled down last time I saw Mary Cost, a tapestry weaver from Santa Fe. She said, "The thing I don't like about small format is that you have to deal with your issues too fast." I wholeheartedly agree... with something of a grin.

This piece was inspired by the changing aspens in the Colorado mountains this fall and a beautiful hike to Cherry Lake in the Sangre de Cristo mountains north of Crestone, CO.


  1. Spectacular colors in the photo. Can't wait to see the front!

  2. so what size do you consider small format?

  3. Kathe, I guess I never really thought about what specifically constitutes a small format piece. I guess I think anything smaller than 100 square inches which is usually what is required for the small format shows... but I suppose it could be defined any number of ways.

  4. It's not a bother to me, Rebecca. I was just looking at your photo and had nothing to relate the size to or what to relate it to. Normally you work so much bigger and besides I love your work!The measurements I have always used for small format are 10 in. by 10 in-European standard. 100 square inches ATA and HGA is 15 in. by 15 in. 5in. by 5 in is mini.
    Co. was beautiful last week. I loved it. Have fun and enjoy. The leaves really started to turn while I was there. Baggage and weight is always a problem when teaching.


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