Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The city of love.

I was in Loveland, CO this past weekend teaching a class I named The Tapestry Butterfly. It is a design/weave class and my students did a fantastic job. Loveland is the city you can send your Valentine's cards to and get them stamped with a love-themed postmark. Loveland is also a city where you can find gluten free food, there are many lakes (old sand pits full of water??), and the political yard art seems to sway toward the Romney camp, though that could just be my imagination.

The class was in this community building downtown. It was a great place to have a class and is clearly used for many things including baby showers and birthday parties.

My students were wonderful, cooperative, and Helen's smile was priceless.

I had a few returning students who are weaving amazing things.

 This design was a large tulip. As Barb started weaving I glanced over and realized there were mountains in the background. So beautiful. I would very much like to see the finished piece one day!

Sherry's bag had this button attached. I may need to figure out where to get one of my own.

The drive can be the challenge for teaching workshops. A 5 hour drive isn't the worst thing, but when I start listening to the radio on scan and chewing lots of gum (I'm not a gum chewer generally), I know that I am getting tired. Coming up through Colorado Springs I hit the radio scan phase and realized there is a whole lot of radio I don't want to listen to in Springs. (Plus the antennae on my car has long since fallen off and I only get the really strong stations. Their classical music station was nice until I lost it in the hills.) I had to resort to Neko Case and Regina Spektor for the rest of the drive. Driving through the north end of Colorado Springs I had to laugh at the road maintenance mile sign by the Gay and Lesbian Fund positioned strategically a few hundred yards before the Focus on the Family Visitor's Center exit sign. Can't possibly be a coincidence. (My apologies for those of you with positive interactions with Focus on the Family. Mine growing up were decidedly negative.)

Coming home I had to take 285 through the mountains. I was driving south on the 5 lane freeway from Loveland into Denver and realized I couldn't possibly manage my jangled nerves long enough to make it all the way through Pueblo. I took a hard right and drove through the Rockies. Coming out of South Park and seeing the Collegiate Peaks makes me sigh in relief to be out of the big city and back in the land of very tall mountains.

A button one of my students had on. I'll have to visit this yarn shop one of these days.


  1. Books on tape make those long drives go faster for me. The local library got rid of the last of their cassette collection this summer (that's all I can play in my 14-year-old car), but I can still get 'em through inter-library loan, thank goodness!

  2. I just love all your photos of student's work (and your own) on-loom. This looks like a wonderful workshop!

  3. Thanks, Rebecca for a wonderful workshop. We all had a great time and learned
    a lot. Glad you decided to drive home through the mountains. A good choice.

  4. It was fun to see pictures from your class Rebecca. My remedy for travel music is Satellite Radio. I got hooked a couple of years ago when a new car we bought had a free trial . My favorite is Channel 31 Coffee House all acoustic music. I can sing along to most of it and it helps keep me awake.


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