Friday, June 7, 2013

I will be an artist first.

At my lunch break in the studio today I was perusing an old issue of Handwoven magazine. I thought it was from January/February of this year, but upon further inspection I realized that my "to read" magazine pile goes a little deeper. It was Issue 158 which is January/February 2012.

On the last page in the New Beginnings column, I read this quote by Anita Osterhaug, the new editor of Handwoven.
One morning five years ago, I woke up and decided I would no longer think of myself as a technology writer with a hobby. Instead I would be a weaver with a day job.
This moment happened for me when I walked into the studio space in March. Even though it was under construction and 30 seconds before that moment I had had no intention at all of renting a studio outside my home, in that moment I knew that I was no longer an occupational therapist who wove tapestries on the weekends. I was going to rent this space and I was now an artist who has a day job.

The start of the studio has been exhilarating as well as a little rocky. Maintenance, moving, lost furniture all happened. But so did designing tapestries, warping looms, and dyeing yarn. And Saturday I started the first tapestry on my large floor loom in close to two years. It makes my heart leap in anticipation for all the hours of weaving ahead.

Wind Cave National Park, South Dakota, August 2012


  1. I love that way of looking at it!! Why should the 'day job' define who we are - it should be more important where our *passion* lies! ;)

  2. I remember the first time I called myself an artist out loud, in front of people. My voice cracked but the sky did not fall down, nobody started laughing, and people simply asked about my art. It's amazing what a difference in how we think of ourselves makes to how the world accepts us. Congratulations on your leap of faith!


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