Sunday, June 30, 2013

Have you ever had that week where your To Do list was more than one page long every day and you had no idea how you were going to fit everything in?
  •  you fear the yoga class is going to be the first thing to go but you really really need it because that sciatic nerve is acting up and you really feel fat and need to stretch and you already paid for it for goodness sake! 
  • you fear you are short-changing yourself because you're really excited about the workshop you're attending in Seattle but just haven't found the time to cull your extensive photo collection for the right images for the design portion?
  • you're worried your suitcase just wasn't going to work out after all because you didn't find the cash for the 16 inch Mirrix and you have to cram your 22 inch in in pieces and you are sure that TSA is going to confiscate it even in checked luggage because it looks like nothing they have ever seen... and what if you forget the heddles or the warp or the tapestry beater?
  • and you have to mail two tapestries which mean a lot to you to Oregon and now your walls are bare and what if they get lost or someone punctures the box and no one in Santa Fe sells ski boxes in the summer and you have to make due with the one that is smaller than you'd like and for heavens sake, you just trusted two huge tapestries to FedEx. Anything could happen!
  • and you need to find presents from New Mexico for the two awesome kids you are going to visit and have no idea where to start even though you work with kids every week and somehow green chili doesn't seem appropriate for a 4 year old
  • and the bills are all due before you get back and you're trying to plan a backpacking trip for the day you return but haven't looked at the gear in over a year and you just know it is going to be a disaster and all the forests are going to close July 3rd and you're going to be stuck in the smokey heat in town eating hamburgers without buns and trying to squeeze the last bit of ketchup out of your sister's empty bottle because you CAN'T eat a burger without ketchup
  • and your grandfather is going in for surgery and you don't really think he is going to pull through ... but then it is all fine and he is home and doing okay
  • and your wife is now your wife because DOMA was struck down but it isn't quite clear that that means much different in your life since you don't live in one of the golden 13 states
  • and then you take the 22 inch Mirrix apart which you didn't do until the last minute because a student was bringing over his brand new Mirrix and you wanted yours together to demonstrate but when you take it apart 20 hours before your flight leaves you realize the threaded rods are too long and you didn't know because you couldn't see them and darn it! the thing isn't going to fit in any suitcase you own (which is exactly one) and who wants to buy a huge suitcase you'll never use again? 
  • so you call the amazing ladies at Mirrix and explain your plight and because it is Seattle I am flying to they have a used loom I can purchase when I get there and it is the right size and you are saved and don't even have to risk TSA throwing you off the plane on the way there
And then you know that you are damn lucky to be on this planet and to be able to weave tapestries and play with children and have your health and a dog who is a hundred and four and to be able to see your amazing niece next week and have dinner tonight with your wife.

It has been one of those weeks.


  1. That list made me tired just reading it!

    Have a good trip. White light around traveling tapestries. All will be well.

  2. Rebecca, I do so enjoy your blog.

  3. Your list is as crazy as mine! Doesn't it feel good to have it all down though? Have a wonderful trip, it'll all come together :)

  4. And I think my life is crazy sometimes? As said, white light around tapestries. It was a crazy week for you. And I wonder what you are taking? Tapestry, duh? Love your writing.

  5. Rebecca- Take a breath! You are there. Have a bit of fun with the class! Lists are only suggestions. Let the list hold what isn't done until you can deal with it. I am a list maker and it's a great place to store things.
    Liked your piece.

  6. This made me smile! I can't wait to take a class from you someday. Better start figuring out whether my Mirrix fits in any of my suitcases. (Actually, I'll be able to drive to Santa Fe. Don't you think most trip anxiety comes from having to take airplanes? So exhausting...)
    Mary in Montrose

  7. Have a great time Rebecca, after all that planning you deserve it.


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