Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Technology intersects a very old discipline

I think some weavers are well suited to understanding computers.
I think other weavers would rather sit and weave and let time flow by, and computers make time rush in little bits, quickly and out of control.

I think I like a little of both.

I have had some website issues recently, but the new site is up and though definitely not finished, you can see the tapestries and get some information about me and my work. That is good.
The link is www.rebeccamezoff.com.

Surprisingly, I didn't get frustrated by the discovery of a non-functional domain name last week. What I did discover is that the two hosting services I had to reconcile the issue with both had live chat functions. I have always ignored those little icons and used the phone or emailed my questions. But I have to say, I'll use the chat from now on. In both cases I was able to chat online with a technician who solved my problem in less than 10 minutes. Chalk one up for technology.

Today I have spent many hours working on my list of classes for the rest of 2013 and integrating the new parts of the website with a shopping cart and PayPal. This has not gone quite as smoothly as I had hoped, but as before and surprisingly, I feel like it will all work out in the wash. I will try some of that magic tech support to work out the bugs in the next few days. I am hoping the list will come out Thursday in my newsletter (which you can sign up for by clicking HERE or on the link at the upper right corner of the blog)... and if all is not running smoothly with the website yet and you are having trouble getting into a class you want to take, please just email me. Eventually it will all work out. The only problem I can foresee is if the classes fill up so fast I don't have time to stop the orders rushing in. (Lets hope that happens!)

Technology is wonderful. And it is a time-sucking monster. Managing it all might make a Buddhist out of me yet.

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  1. I discovered the chat help a while ago and it's usually great, and you can get started immediately instead of waiting til tomorrow for an email reply or waiting an hour on the phone.

    I like technology too, and I enjoy it, but you're right, it can sure eat up large chunks of time that you had no intention of using that way. Then I get annoyed with myself. Sometimes I use a kitchen timer to remind myself that I was just going to look up that one thing.....


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