Monday, June 24, 2013

LaDonna Mayer and her 51 US cities

My friend and weaving colleague, LaDonna Mayer, has done something extraordinary. She set out three and a half years ago to weave a city from each state in the United States. 50 states plus Washington DC meant 51 tapestries.

Here is a little video with a view of her beautiful studio in Santa Fe. Hopefully it gives you something of a feel of what 51 tapestries really is (a lot of work for starters).

She finished this spring. I had the distinct privilege of being at her cutting off ceremony for the last piece, Oklahoma City. Here it is ready to be cut off.

LaDonna with Oklahoma City just after it was cut off the loom.
All the pieces are done with black, white, and shades of gray and hand-dyed by LaDonna. Her palette of grays is gorgeous and includes some blue-gray and green-gray colors.

Seattle may be my favorite of all, though it is difficult to choose.
LaDonna Mayer, Seattle, WA
LaDonna Mayer, Charleston, WV
The details in these pieces are fascinating. For example, look at the lazy lines she used in Providence, RI as well as the beautiful little balconies on the sky scraper.
LaDonna Mayer, Providence, RI
LaDonna Mayer, Portland, ME detail
Congratulations LaDonna!

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